Marriage Anniversary Wishes

Marriage Anniversary Wishes

Here we wrote a beautiful article for you aboutĀ Marriage Anniversary Wishes. We have collected this wishes from various blogs. Choose the best anniversary wishes and send this wishes to your loved once who are celebrating their anniversary.

Anniversary messages

Marriage Anniversary Wishes

1) Happy Anniversary may your marriage be blessed with love joy and companionship for all the years of your lives.

2) A Relationship is more than just how long you’ve spent together its made up of how much you make that time matter.Happy Anniversary-Marriage Anniversary Wishes

3) Your marriage is more beautiful than the sight of a snow capped valley it is more enchanting than the mesmerizing tale of a fairy your marriage is more inspiring than a story of success it is so much more motivating than a book explaining happiness your marriage is as stunning as your lovely pair I wish that you have many more Happy years to share.

4) On our wedding anniversary I have this to say I love life because of you. Thank you for being in my life! Happy Anniversary-Marriage Anniversary Wishes

5) Each Time I open my eyes, I see you, When I close them, I think of you. When I sleep I always want to dream of you. When I wake up every morning. I want to embrace you. Loving you is the best thing I have ever done in my life.

6) First you gave me a glance and I gave you my hand. you reached out for me, and I held you tight. Then you looked deep into my eyes. and I gave you my heart. Happy Anniversary

7) In this world, many things are merely described as mortal and going through the changes of life, yet that is not how you both or your love is described; your love is rare, being infinite and unbreakable today marks your anniversary, an amazing day filled with warmth and dedication. We congratulate you, and hope to find infinite love like yours.-Marriage Anniversary Wishes

8) For my friend my love my wife today we celebrate another year of living and loving together.

9) Wishing you a Happy Anniversary and nothing but happy moments and endless love. I truly admire your love for one another. Happy Anniversary.-Marriage Anniversary Wishes

10) I just wanted you to know that I am so thankful for all that you are! you are smart, thoughtful, sweet, amazing, beautiful, and funny. This list could go on and on!

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Marriage Anniversary Wishes

Marriage Anniversary Wishes

11) To the beautiful couple in all the land may you anniversary be happy, joyful and grand.

12) The day is here again, I cant remember every moment of that day, but I could remember when I first looked at your eyes. Happy Anniversary-Marriage Anniversary Wishes

13) Wishes for a loving couple May god shower his blessings on both of you always.. may your life be full of love and understanding forever. Happy Anniversary

14) Thank you for wedding me and given me a chance, to scream at you whenever I feel, and I am sure I have you to do the same in future, So let us celebrate our Happy Anniversary-Marriage Anniversary Wishes

15) Wishing you both many more years of beautiful memories together.. Happy Anniversary to you

16) On your Anniversary may friendship love and happiness be life’s greatest gifts to you on your special day and always.-Marriage Anniversary Wishes

17) Growing old with you is the best thing I could ever dream of.. So, I will continue together all my strength to love you.

18) The sound of love has no voice it is endearing and so nice the time that you spend with your spouse is special and its like so wise the many expressions of your love and you don’t even have to say its pure love from your side so cherish it every way. Wishing a very happy anniversary to you! Stay blessed the two of you.

19) May your special day be a celebration of where you’ve been where you are and how you are growing together in the lord! Happy Anniversary-Marriage Anniversary Wishes

20) Happy Anniversary That special day is here again the day we took our vows you’re just as special to me today as you still get me aroused. Happy Anniversary my love.

21) No one can ever replace you from the morning I wake up Til I lay my head beside you the comfort and love that I feel when I am with you those are irreplaceable. I love you Happy Anniversary

22) Being married is like being in a battlefield. you have to always prepare yourself for the way. Happy Anniversary.

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